Friday, July 29, 2016


We have not yet received official confirmation from the US Dep’t of Agriculture of the start of the harvest of the Chodosh spring wheat and barley. However, it is certain that this has begun. We have received a message from a mashgiach that at least one mill received shipments of Chodosh spring wheat on Friday, Jul. 22 and a second mill has received Chodosh on Jul 27. These 2 mills are in the Midwest, near the harvest areas. I will not issue final Chodosh cutoff dates for the upcoming season until the official word is out from the US Dep’t of Agriculture, expected this coming Tuesday.  Meanwhile below are the updated revised tentative Chodosh starting dates.
1)       Freshly baked items using spring wheat, including breads, challahs, bagels, rolls, pizza and some cakes and cookies may be Chodosh in the Midwest after the PURCHASE DATE of Jul 29. Elsewhere in the US, this date would be Aug 12.
2)       Packaged foods from spring wheat may be Chodosh after the PACKING date of Jul 29, or the PURCHASE date of Aug 12.
3)       Noodles and pasta may be Chodosh after the PACKING date of Aug 17 and the PURCHASE date of Sept 1.
4)       Barley, such as pearled barley, may be Chodosh after the PACKING date of Aug 2 and PURCHASE date of Aug 16.
5)       Oats: Oats in all products, including cereals, may be Chodosh starting with a PACKING date of Jul 20, PURCHASE date of Aug 3. (The known exception is for General Mills cereals including all Cheerios, for which the Chodosh packing date is July 31 or later.)
6)       Barley malt (also listed in the ingredients as “malt”) may be Chodosh as of the packing date of Dec 15. Package codes should be checked after the purchase date of Dec 15 for beer made from barley malt and Mar 15 for malt in other products.
Even though pesach was late on the solar calendar this year, still almost all of the 3 crops of interest were planted after pesach and are Chodosh. The early harvest this year is due to weather conditions in the growing areas.
Those who want to purchase Yoshon items to store over the Chodosh season should do so now, as soon as possible.
The next revised update on this topic is due BE”H one week from now.


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