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Chodosh Updates - Jan 3, 2016

3 JAN ‘16
Section 4.1 Cakes, Cookies and Crackers
ד Kashi Cookies, Chodosh code Feb 4, 16 (6 months after packing).  
ב  Kemach Oatmeal Cookies (12oz. & 18oz.) have a Chodosh code of 12 14 16. Pita Chips (Sea Salt and Multigrain) have a Chodosh code of 09/23/16. Flatbread Crisp (everything) have a Chodosh code of 06/21/15.
ד Kitov and Matamim Products: French Twists and Melba Snacks have a Chodosh code of Mar 18 2016 (7 months after packing). Soft bite Cookies: Dec 18 15 (4 months after packing). Flatbreads, Honey Wheat Pretzels, Breadsticks and Tin Breadsticks: Aug 18 16 (1 year after packing). 
Section 5.1 Regular noodles, pasta, mandlen and croutons
Wacky Mac Macaroni and Cheese from New World Pasta has a Chodosh code of August 15, 2017, 2 years after packing.
Section 7.1 Barley
ד Unger Barley is packed in a 100% Yoshon facility, however we cannot include it in the א section  it until we can get confirmation that it is Yoshon from a Mashgiach.  IMPORTANT WARNING: The Kashrus Magazine (January ’16, page 18) reported that this barley with a code on the bag of 928017 has been found to be infested with bugs. Please note that this is not a Chodosh related problem. Page 33 of the Guide warns clearly that all barley should be checked for bugs, all year around. To check barley, the Kashrus Magazine recommends that you take a full handful of the barley from the bag and check in on a white paper plate under a strong overhead light, while you slowly separate and move the kernels around.

Section 8.1 Breakfast Cereals
ד Shoprite cereals: Hot cereals have a Chodosh code of Jan 26, 2017 for oats  and Feb 2, 2017 for wheat. (18 months after packing). Cold Cereals have a code that can vary. Therefore we give a safe date of 11 months after packing that covers all cold cereals. This date is June 26, 2016 for oats, July 2, 2016 for wheat and November 2, 2016 for malt.  
ד Sturm and Village Farms oats cereals and oatmeal in cans (quick and old fashioned) Chodosh packing code July 26, 17 (2 years after packing.) For Farina the Chodosh code is Aug 2 16. (1 year after packing.)    Oatmeal packets Feb. 26, 2017 (18 months after packing). 

Section 9.1 Frozen and other Packaged Foods
א  Dr Praeger’s Sensible Foods fish products, including gefilte fish, gluten-free fish products, and breaded fish products are Yoshon. Under the hashgocho of Rabbi Mordechai Unger.   For all other Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods Products see listing in Section ד below.
ד Dr. Prager's Sensible Foods Products not listed under א above, have a code of Aug 2, 17 (2 years after packing)    
ב  Kemach pie crusts: Chocolate Pie Crust Yoshon as stated on the label. Graham Pie Crust uses Yoshon flour. The malt may be a problem after a packing date of 10 20 16 (360 days after packing.) This date may change to a later date. Updates will be issued when available.  Under the hashgocho of Rabbi Nussen N. Horowitz.   
Section 9.3 Soups and Soup Mixes
ד  Tradition Soups. Have one of two forms of code, either Chodosh code of N5227, (N-plant information, 5-year, 227-day of year) or the code BB Aug 15, 2017 (2 years after packing).
Section 9.5.1 Beer
ב Sam Adams Beer from wheat has a Chodosh code of MAY 2016, under the Hashgocho of the Star K.
Section 12.1.6 Five Towns, Long Island
א Gefen Gourmet 407 Mill Road, Hewlett is NOT yoshon  
א Hapina Steakhouse 128 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst is Yoshon with NO exceptions
Section 13.1 Baltimore
ב Goldberg’s New York Kosher Bagels, Pikesville,  Bagels, Bialys, and Wraps are Yoshon. Inquire in store for other items under the hashgocho of the Vaad Hakashrus of Baltimore (Star-K).  Note: The store in Timonium is not under this hashgocho for Yoshon.
Section 13.5 Chicago
א  Tel Aviv Bakery, 2944 West Devon, Chicago, (773) 864-8877. Yoshon under the hashgocho of the O-U. In the Guide, this was listed under Cleveland.

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