Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rosh Hashana daf 23-26

23.  Whoever doesn't teach Torah is like Hadas bamidbar.  See Yalkut Shimoni Emor that Hadas represents one who learns but doesn't have maasim tovim.

24b.  Demus arba panim.  Like what Yechezkel saw in Maaseh Merkava - four faces.

This is source that if you have a figurine you crack off the nose or something similar to render it not asur.  Question - can kids play with plastic toy soliders? 

25a. Siman david melech yisrael chai vekayam.  This is probably why we say this line in Kiddush Levana.

25a.  See R' Unterman (__) about not knowing all the members of the Beis Din, but we do know the Av Beis Din's name.  And Rambam in Hakdama to Yad Hachzaka refers to "Shmuel uBeis Dino," David uBeis Dino" etc.

RASHI shluchmim got paid.

26a. Zikaron.  Or - shofar is sound, and the sound can be heard even in Kodesh hakadashim.

Tos velo.  See later on 27a Tos s.v. shofar.  Seems that we must have sound that goes in, comes out, and not that that soun d enters another shofar and we hear what comes out of the second one.

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