Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rosh Hashana Daf 2

Here are some he'aros on Daf Yomi.  Don't assume what I say is correct; they are notes as I go through the daf.

1. Rashi sv Limlachim.  See here: (Rambam Igeres Techiyas Hameisim Ramabm L'am edition (Mossad Harav Kook) with footnote aleph.  That minyan hashtaros began in the time of Alexander the Great, which was before the time of the Gemara.  (And Alexander was Greek; is that applicable to Tosfos sv Limlachim?)

2. Rashi leshmitin.  See Makos 8b Rabi Akiva has drasha that it is asur to plow and prune before shmita starts.  Whether we don't pasken like him or it is an asmachta (unlikely), interesting.  And see Torah Temima to Shemos 34:21.

3. Gemara - yom echad bashana chashuv Shana.  See Makos 3b shloshim yom chashuv shana; seems our gemara will discuss this below on daf 10.

4. Rash isv umelech ben Melech - malchus yerusha,.  See my posts

I think I have a comment that from Tosfos in Brachos there is no srarah in Torah; Reb Elchonon in Bava Basra argues.  Yesterday I was reading Brody's "Saadyah Gaon" chapter 1 that there were differences between yerusha in Sura and Pumpedisa (sons who were wise enough followed their fathers i nthe shuros but not necessarily as Gaon) and in Eretz Yisrael, where sons commonly followed father as Gaon.

5. Rash isv Shans Esrim.  Why does Rashi emphasize Rav Papa had a kabala from his Rebbi to make these Gzeria shavas?  There is a principle you can derive your own kal vachomer but not gzeira shava.  Perhaps Rav Papa's approach was unlike those of other amoraim, but he did have a tradition for it.  See Makos 14b sv gzeira shava - very strange: Reish Lakish was a talmid of Rav Yochanan, so how could he not have that gzeira shava tradition?  We must answer (see Sefer Mareh Makom) that Tosfos in Eruvin says Reish Lakis had learned before he became a bandit and he did not have a tradition of such a gzeira shava from that Rebbi.

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