Tuesday, December 1, 2009

E"H 55:1 / Parshas Vayetzei

The Gaon Maharil Diskin zt"l explained the pasuk in Vayeitzei "And they (seven years) were in his (Yaakov's) eyes like a few days, in his love for her (Rachel)" (29:20) based on the Haghos Mordechai at the beginning of Kesuvos and the Rama (E"H 55:1 in the name of the Kol Bo) that an engaged couple cannot live in the same house before their marriage, lest they come to dislike each other because they are always seeing each other. Therefore the Torah emphasizes here the sanctity of Yaakov, even though he lived for seven years in the same house as Rachel before their marriage, his love did not change (diminish) and they were in his eyes like only a few days, and this is because of his great sanctity, that he was fully sanctified to Hashem.
--quoted in Har Tzvi al haTorah, collected from sayings of Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank zt"l

Or it could have been that Yaakov was out of the house so often with the flocks that he didn't see Rachel so often.

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ואמר רב יהודה אמר רב בשעת הכנסת כלים לנרתק שלהם אמר רב נחמן משל לכלה כל זמן שהיא בבית אביה צנועה מבעלה כיון שבאתה לבית חמיה אינה צנועה מבעלה

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